Need More Revenue and Sales?

If you have got a product with or without a webshop we can help you boost your revenue and customers.

We can help you grow your business by offering your product to a 200 million broad audience.


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Are you selling Globally yet?

We can help you to get your products shown to millions of customers in 25 countries worldwide. 
Imagine the increase in sales and revenue this would create..


Are you struggling with your order fulfillment ?
We can provide you a solution to all the stress that comes with order fulfillment from your webshop

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Do you spend to much time on Customer service? 

Customers are king and so businesses spend a lot of time on customer service. 
We can help you to get your customer service to a higher level without spending any more time on customer service. 

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How Does it work? 

SEO Profits Pro uses tools to analyse the best potential products to sell online. 
We create an international ecommerce account on the biggest e-commerce platform in the world.
We do research and estimates on the products before listing them online
We then create the best product listing you can think of in multiple languages.
We will use our SEO and Ad skills to boost your products even more 

Who do we like to work with

We work with those who can contribute (at a discount from retail price – not free) a minimum of 100 – 300 units of their inventory for promotional purposes, and also are willing/able to invest approximately $500/month (for the first three months or so) for online advertising, product promotion, etc.  (these numbers are not set in stone – but that’s gist of what you’d need to participate).

We often will mostly (not always) charge a “client on boarding fee” that runs between €2,000 and €3,500 – this fee depends on your current online selling situation – if you already have products in an Amazon warehouse, etc.

We always charge a percentage of your net sales that are generated on Amazon through our efforts.  This percentage varies between 10% – 25%.

We are looking for “exclusive online rights” to handle the sales of your product(s) through Amazon’s FBA program.  If you are already selling online in other channels that is okay – and we even (occasionally) make exceptions on the whole “exclusive online rights” statement above.

What If We Are Already Selling Online?

If you have a product that you are already selling online,  that’s fine, but everyone’s situation is different, so CONTACT US  and tell us what you have.

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Sell your products global with seo profits pro

Amazon FBA Consultancy
Amazon FBA Consultancy

Online marketing Bureau effectus hosting



What We Will Do For You and Your Product/Product Line

We Promote Your Product(s)

We help develop your Brand.

We Establish A Vibrant Online Sales Channel For You Via the Amazon FBA Program

You Supply The Inventory

Amazon Handles All  the Shipping & Handling and Customer Service (once your product is in their warehouse)

We Help You Promote Your Product(s)

We Handle The Press Releases (and other advertising) Promoting Your Product(s)

We Get People Talking About Your Product(s) On Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other Social Media Sites.

We Do The Promotion (with your help – and approval on everything). You Sit Back And Watch The Sales Start Rolling In.

If Our Process Does Not Work For You – We Don’t Get Paid and You Get Your Inventory Back.

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Please contact us and we will answer all your questions.